So Glad to Have "Curl Power" Support...

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I am a biracial :love8: 22 year old who has struggled with her 3b/4a hair her whole life. I have constantly had my hair relaxed chemically because it was the only way I felt I could look pretty.

Recently, I met another biracial woman with my hair type: one who has been natural for 7 years. After talking to her, I decided to do some research. I found this site while I was exploring and this forum has empowered me to take the plunge.

I have little familial support, but I hope to learn from all of YOU!

Currently, I am using Nexxus products to wash my hair and Sebastian potion 9 and The Wet Look Gel to style.

However, my constant blow drying has left my hair brittle and I need help! Any advice is appreciated.



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    Great to meet you ~ I'm a newbie too! :blob7:

    While not biracial, I've got a lot of Latin in me, and my hair has caused me nothing but pain most of my life (and spent more time in a bun than I can count!). Only in the past two years have I started doing blow-outs and coloring, but already, I see the damage, and my curls aren't as beautiful as they used to be. I'm starting to go natural again, forcing myself to wear my hair curly as often as possible, and I think that's the only thing we can do (and pray for the best! LOL) in regards to regaining our beautiful curls back. I was using Nexxus, which I liked, but am also going to try Jessicurl products and Innersense products; both brands get good reviews on

    Good luck to you!
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