Anyone ever use a texturizer on 4a hair?

lorrnaelorrnae Registered Users Posts: 134
What are the pros & cons of using one?

How much does a texturizer loosen your hair?
(I want my hair to be as loose as the 3a-3c range. I don't want it straight.)

Is texturizing it at home a good idea?

Does it hurt or burn like a perm does?

What is the maintainance that comes with a texturizer?

Can you color it after doing the procedure? If you can't, then when?
4a/Fine Strands/Medium Length/Low Porosity (still editing)
My product routine is currently a work in progress.


  • mackeyan85mackeyan85 Registered Users Posts: 3
    Ok I have used this product and loosens my 3c curls to 3b curls for awhile but I only get 2 to 3 a year so after a few weeks my hair reverts back to its original texture. My hair is really curly so even a relaxer wouldn't really get it bone straight HTH!

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