Julia Louis-Dreyfus

SoulGloSoulGlo Posts: 39Registered Users
I don’t think this belong in the hall of shame, but remember when she used to rock her beautiful curls all the time? I haven’t seen her hair curly in forever. I know she is trying to get away from her Elaine character, but it would be nice to see her wear it curly again:-(
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  • keikokkeikok Banned Posts: 585Banned Users
    She was very well known for her hair, and I agree it's too bad she hardly wears it curly anymore. She had some great hairstyles on the show.

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  • MaloryMalory Posts: 379Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    She wore her hair both curly and straight in Seinfeld, so I don't see why curly hair would be particularly associated with the Elaine character.

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