Proteins and 'cones for hair

How can you tell if proteins and some 'cones might be needed for your hair.
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  • curlygirlymecurlygirlyme Posts: 1,340Registered Users
    I actually had a problem where I couldn't get my hair to look even close to decent and I figured out it was because I had stop using protein and my curls were unhappy. I've also tried not using any cones and it work for awhile, but when PCOS really took over my body my hair started falling out and my curls are acting very odd. So i start integrating amodimethicone and peg cones to my hair's diet (so to speak). I think it just depends on how your hair reacts to these things. Some of the other cones do NOTHING for my hair now. I mean it makes my hair look really terrible. I think you just have to experiment and see what works for you. I've been told CG doesn't work for everyone.
  • Hairblogger â„¢Hairblogger â„¢ Posts: 564Registered Users
    not sure about 'cones, but proteins definitely benefit damaged or stressed hair.

    jojoba and olive oils are great as well.
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    I think if your curls are overmoisurized (frizzy but not dry, undefined), protein can help your hair. I find that too much protein (which is why I don't use Pantene anymore) makes my hair dry and brittle. 'Cones don't really seem to bother my hair much, unless I use too much. Then my hair gets kinda greasy. It's different for everyone, I guess!
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