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I have very sensitive, dry skin, and spend most of the day outside in the sun. My derm recommended I use an SPF of 30 or over, with preference of 40. I have been using clinique's super city sunblock (spf40) and clinique's UV response (spf 30). What are people's opinions of these products? Can anyone suggest anything else fragrance free with an spf of over 30? I do not want to order online, so preferably something I can get at Sephora, or a health food store.
Thanks all!
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    i keep going back to super city block spf 25; i think it's got good physical blockers, i like the texture, and the slight tint helps to even out my skin tone. clinique also has more sensible pricing than other sephora brands, i think.

    i also love a clarins sunblock--spf 40 and in a tiny bottle--expensive but awesome texture--the name of it is 'clarins UV plus spf 40.' it would be for the face.

    both of these are mostly physical blocks, i think, and are good for me b/c my skin is somewhat sensitive. if you do not have sensitive skin, then a lot of people go crazy for the neutrogena sunblocks with mexoryl.

    i check out the reviews at a lot of the people there are super-serious about sunblock.
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    i would seriously look at the Neutrogena products with Mexoryl - they blocks UVA and UVB.
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