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Baby has made transition to the crib...

medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users
for naps only. I nurse her in the glider and I put a pacifier in her mouth, lie her on her tummy, pat her back for 2 minutes and sneak out. It has been working. At night, my daughter continues to sleep with me and nurse through the night.

I'm concerned about the tummy sleeping, as well as the blankets in her crib. I keep the comforter on her mattress because she's used to sleeping on my pillow top mattress. I feel like making her bed comfy will help with the transition.

I also cover her with a knit blanket that Loosecurls made for her. The holes are very big, so even if it goes over her face, she can still breathe.

Am I crazy? Thoughts? Comments?


  • RedCatWavesRedCatWaves Posts: 31,258Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I'd get rid of the comforter under her, but I'd put a light blanket over her. I put my kids to sleep on their tummies from birth, despite the back-to-sleep campaign. BTS is lowest-common-denominator advice, and tummy sleeping is only a very small risk factor amidst a host of other factors, so I felt like as long as I kept the room cool and used a firm mattress and minimal blankets, my babies were at minimal risk of SIDS.

    Besides, your daughter is over 6 months now, correct? You can't enforce BTS at that age anyway. But definitely the comforter should go. That's just an unnecessary risk.
  • medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users
    Thanks, RCW!
  • Mamacurl3Mamacurl3 Posts: 1,559Registered Users
    Sounds like your transition is going well! Consistency is key, keeping a routine will help her adjust to sleeping in her crib. Starting with naps is a good place, eventually she'll get comfortable with the idea of sleeping there and associating her crib with sleep. I don't co-sleep (I'd have loved to but my kids just move around way too much in their sleep). Mine have all slept on their tummies early on, they sleep in the same room as me until they are a year and once they are able to move around, shift their head, roll etc...tummy sleeping is just fine. GL
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  • iris427iris427 Posts: 6,002Registered Users
    No advice, but I remember you were having trouble getting her to sleep in the crib, so it sounds like you're making good progress! Yay :)

    And I'm taking notes of course...
  • generositytgenerosityt Posts: 245Registered Users
    The biggest problem with tummy sleeping is that the baby may burry his face on the bed and cannot lift it and that happens only to newbors. At 6 months old the baby is able to lift the head and even push with the hands to turn around so the risk is very minimal.
    I would also use a music box or something glowy or shiny around the bed to keep the baby's mind on something else other than you not being with her anymore.
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  • medussamedussa Posts: 12,993Registered Users
    I have the Fisher Price Aquarium in her crib. I rarely turn it on, though. I feel like the music and lights would wake her. Then again, I should NOT be nursing her to sleep. I should be putting her in while she's groggy or tired, turning the crib toy on, and leaving the room.

    Old habits die hard. :angry7:
  • subbrocksubbrock Posts: 8,212Registered Users
    sounds like youre doing a good job. our transition from wherever mommy is to the crib has been long and hard (probably harder on me than her). but i did start with putting her in her crib to nap.

    now i know every mother is terrified of SIDS and suffocation, but stinkyface has a bumper in her crib, a comforter that she lays on and 2 blankets that she sleeps with. i can honestly say that ive never had a problem with her getting tangled or her having the blanket over her head. when i put her down to sleep and cover her up, i just make sure that i dont pull the blanket up past her shoulders. alot of times i tuck the blanket under her arms too.

    sounds like youre doing a great job though!yay for baby!

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