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What a spring factor!

LavenderCurlsLavenderCurls Posts: 1,478Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
I had my hubby measure my wet hair from crown to tip (I have shorter layers on top and it's cut in a slight "v-shape") a couple of weeks ago. It measured 16.5 inches. We measured again when it was dry - 13.5 inches! No wonder it never seems to grow :laughing7: !

It is growing, though, as my bangs are beginning to be long enough to part on their own and they come down to my chin when wet. I haven't cut them in awhile and last time I did, they were about mid-nose.

I just upped my biotin to 5000 mcg, so maybe that'll help.

Carry on .. :toothy7:
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  • kcurlskcurls Posts: 205Registered Users
    I know it's hard to be patient, but meanwhile, lucky you with such springy curls! Enjoy them!
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  • whatsercurlwhatsercurl Posts: 4,049Registered Users
    I feel your pain, lavendar. My hair was less than 2 inches on top 3 years ago. I've been growing it out ever since. For a year, it has felt that it has not grown at all hovering just above my shoulders. The hair comes in contact with my shoulders seems to get tighter ringlets with each passing month making it seem like it's never growing.

    I have my hair coloured about every 4 months (curly hair is SO good for hiding the grey - Hee). Last month I went in to have it coloured and decided, for the first time since July, to have it straightened. First off, while I love my hair stylist for cuts and colour, I hate the way he styles my hair curly. But more importantly, I wanted to see if it had grown at all in 6 months. I was totally shocked when I looked in the mirror. My hair was part way down my upper arm when "spread out".

    Although, I'm a confirmed curly girl, I was glad I had decided to straighten. I've been taking 1000mcg of Biotin for months but was feeling very discouraged about the perceived lack of growth and the apparent impotency of the biotin. The knowledge that it truly is growing has renewed my strength to back away from the scissors. Hang in there!
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