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Hello! I'm a 23 year old Canadian born and bred girl that is confused about my own HEAD! My ethnic background varies widely although I consider myself black. Both my parents were born in JAMAICA.

I'm confused about my hair because I'm only getting "hair-conscious" now! For years, my family would tell me what should or shouldn't be with my hair...what looked good or bad TO THEM! I was talked into putting relaxers and texturizers in my hair because I was told that "the longer the hair the more beautiful". In an attempt to do "my own thing" with my hair, I died it colors ranging from red to copper brown. My hair is majorly damaged right now.

I've been transitioning for a little over a year now and have about 4 inches of texturized hair at the ends. I'm scared to cut it all off because I've always had long hair my whole life. I honestly hate my hair in this state and the only "style" it's in (if u wanna call it that) is in a low bun. I'm not even sure what hair type I have, which is frustrating.

This site has helped so I look forward to coming out of this confusion and start loving my hair.


LAST RELAXER: December 2006 -
TRANSITIONED FOR: 1 year & 3 months -
BC: March 28th, 2008
NATURAL TEXTURE: 4a with some random 3c


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