MyHoneyChild success???

Did some of you ever tried my HoneyChild products? I have 3B hair and it needs moisture and definition.
I thought about the 3 creme and the Buttery Soy creme.

Any feedback about those products???
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  • mysteryflavoredmysteryflavored Posts: 1,271Registered Users
    I have the HonetNutt conditioner and it's nice. It's pretty crude, since it's largely raw honey and coconut oil/butter, so I can't really use it as a leave-in. But it does moisturize well. I don't think I'll be repurchasing, though, since I like Oyin's HoneyHemp conditioner more (and it's more versatile).
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    I've got the honeynutt and [buylink=]banana creme conditioner[/buylink]s and have the cleansers on the way.
    I really like the conditioners but they bottles are so tiny I don't want to get attached to them so right now not too sure if it would repurchase once they run out, or if I do I'll use them very infrequently.

    I'm happy with my BB stylers so I'm not pressed to try the MyHoneyChild ones, plus all the reviews I have read haven't been that good
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    Thanks for your replies.

    What are the BB styling products?
    I was thinking about trying the MyHoneyChild products since it seems to be very natural (a lot of butters) and without essential oils. I try to avoid essential oils in hair products for now since I am planning to have another child quite soon and the doctor told me to avoid the use of essential oils during pregnancy.

    So the comment for the MyHoneyChild products are not so great?
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    I have the [buylink=]Banana Creme Conditioner[/buylink] that I bought during the after-Christmas sale, without understanding it was a deep treat & not seeing all the proteins in the ingredient list. So I'm scared to try it. It's still sealed.
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    Lazy Loops: Thanks but I have enough deep conditioners in my closet. I am more missing good styling products (and leave-in) that are moisturizing at the same time.
    I hope you can maybe swap it.
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    Sorry by BB I meant Blended Beauty. you can look at the products here as far as I know ( could be wrong) they are natural too.

    I like the MHC conditioners so far, both of them say to leave it on for 10 minutes and they really do work better after being left on for longer but it's not always practical to do that.

    I think if you can get samples ( don't know if you can) then it might be a good idea to try that route, MHC seems to be a good line but it's hard to find reviews/posts on it
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    Curlycaramel: Thanks for the infos. BB seems to be a good line, quite natural too. I always have troubles to make the difference between essential oils and extracts from oil.
    The customer service of BB told me that the rosemary is no essential oil so I would be able to use it when pregnant.
    I hope it's true but I don't know where to take that kind of information.

    I would be happy to get samples of MYC or BB but I live in Europe so it's a big thing to get samples or even to order. I try to choose carefully the products I wish to buy and to make only one or two order in a year from the States because of the shipping fee.
    There is a website located in the Netherlands that sells American products but they don't have BB not MYC....
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