Help -- I need a hair cut!

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Hi guys! I've just found this site while I was looking for cool hairstyles over the weekend, so I'm a total newb. I think I'm a 3A with hair that is currently about bra strap length. I'm looking for something new, different and stylish. Any suggestions for what will look good with my hair type? Or any ideas where I can look at more photos of hair styles?

For reference here is what my hair looks like now. This is at Christmas and a pretty standard day (although this was the beginning of the day and my hair usually looks a little bigger by the end).

Here is a picture of what my hair looked like about a month after my last hair cut.

I just feel like my hair is kind of blah and I want something exciting! So, please help me find a cool new hair style! I have already set up an appointment with a 'curl specialist'.

BTW -- I like these two styles --
I also like Mystery Flavored's hair cut from November (sorry, I've been looking at some of your pictures looking for ideas!)

Thanks for your help!!


  • Brooke789Brooke789 Posts: 415Registered Users
    Ok, I took some pictures when I got home from work--here is what my hair looks like today. This is a pretty standard day--it was raining, but it didn't make too much difference.
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    I think with your hair style you could totally do that first style you liked. You just need a bunch of layering and a bit of hair product. Print that photo out and take it with you - it will give the hairdresser an idea of what you are after :) Good luck!

    OH and I love that pic of you after your last hair cut - that is the length Im aiming for...right now Im between ear and shoulder length.
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