Curly Cuts?

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How do you all have your hair cut? I live in Vegas and I have not been able to find anyone who can cut curly hair since I moved here 5 years ago. I have had about 10 hair cuts and I cannot stand any of them! Yesterday I went to a lady who claimed she did curly hair and she did all the wrong things. How do you all find curly hairdressers. I mean I had one who had the most beautiful curly hair, but she cannot cut curly hair! She won't tell us who does her hair because she wants to do it.
How is your hair cut? I have honey colored hair and it always looks dull. I use Infusium (sp?) as my leave in conditioner. But how do you all have your hair cut? I have weird hair. My hair is beautiful down underneath by my neck and on top it is allot straighter. My little sister says that the hair down by my neck is like "noodles" I can stick my finger right up the ringlett and never touch hair, but everywhere else on my head it is dull and frizzy and sort of straight.


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    You should cut it short. When it's short it makes the curls come alive. Maybe you can get it cut just below your chin. That would really make your curls come to life and you yould have more ringlets too I bet. And maybe you could look on the internet to see if there's any people that cut curly hair in your area.
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    Mine is quite short with a few minimal layers (to reduce the "triangle" look) and when i had my hair cut I had them frame around my face.

    (please ignore that I do not have make-up on - today was a "stay home with the kids and do nothing" day :tongue5:

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