Curl keeper alternative (i think i found one!!)

I randomly picked up a bottle of Giovanni Sunset Styling Lotion at whole foods (it was on sale), and I do believe I have found my [buylink=]curl keeper[/buylink] alternative! I use less of it, and i find it easier to disperse. Gives me great curl formation and frizz control. I left a review of it on the reader's product review board, but i also wanted to let everyone know!!
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  • earcmraearcmra Posts: 146Registered Users
    Do you know if it is available at any other stores? We don't have a Whole Foods around here.
  • sherry7899sherry7899 Posts: 897Registered Users
    I know I've seen Giovanni's products in the grocery store Wegmans, but I'm not sure if they have styling products, or just shampoo/conditioner.

  • susancnwsusancnw Posts: 1,366Registered Users
    You can try any natural foods store and they will probably have it or order it for you
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