PMS and Shedding

Just because I'm curious...

Does anyone else notice that they shed like crazy during the week of their menstrual period? I feel like I'm going bald during those weeks because I'll brush out a good handful of hair!

Just wondering if it's just me, or if anyone else has that problem, lol.
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    Now that you mention it, I do shed a bit more just prior to my period starting. I lost a ton of hair after I had my daughter ... actually had a receding hair line ... thankfully I have a ton of hair and it was long enough that you couldn't see it. It didn't take that long to grow back.

    Gotta love the hormones eh
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    Yeah, hormonal fluctuations can cause a little more hear shedding. Are you on any type of birth control? I used to shed a little more when I started a new pack after my period.

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    Most definitely. I feel like it's coming out by the handfuls during that week. Ugh.
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