CG not helping - please help, my hair looks terrible

When I was in my early teens through mid 20's, my hair was soooooo beautiful w/ naturally chunky curls.

But now it is gross. It isn't curly, it is frizzy. I am 30 now, but it has been giving me problems for about 4-5 years. And this year, the yuck factor has hit the peak.

Ironically, I have been doing CG for almost 5 years. I have spent so much $$ on hair products from Devachen to Oidad to JC, and NOTHING has helped. I have had my hair cut in different ways - nope. It looks great at first, but after about a month, terrible.

I think my hair looked better when I was using hair dryers/diffusers. I don't know if that is possible, but it seems like it. My hair hasn't seen a hair dryer in 3 years, no curling iron, no mousse, etc, etc. I have not used any silicones, or any that will cause build up - I have been on CG for 5 years - my hair is a born again virgin. My routine, after I low-poo or no- CK, tizz no frizz....plop.......and let nature take it's course. Again, no heat in nearly 5 years......why is my hair looking so bad????

My hair color has faded from the elements - the top is a light brown, the bottom 5 inches is a reddish color - sort of look dry and burnt. I am about to get 5 inches lobbed off, which will then make my hair about chin length - but I highly doubt if that will help. In a month, it will start looking gross again. And by gross, I mean, greasy, flat, frizzy underneath (think Brillo pad), frizzy halo.

I am going to make an appt. with a hair stylist 2 hours away that has a great rep.....

What should I get done? My hair is 3 A-3B of frizz. When it was healthy and curly (5 years ago), I had hair similar to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. But not anymore.

I'm sure my age/hormones is contributing to the Yuck factor (no kids though)......but what else gives? Why did my hair look better when I was using heat everyday, using 'cones, Pantene, hairspray, mouse, etc, etc.

Am I just not meant to be on CG?


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    Am I just not meant to be on CG?

    Some people aren't.

    If your routine was working for you, why did you change it?
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    Are you conditioning with anything? Conditioner is the crux of the whole thing. But low poo, CK and gel aren't conditioners. No poo sort is. But what about a real conditioner like Elucence, TJ Nourish, Regis Olive Oil, Curl Junkie Give 'Em the Slip, etc.? Maybe I misunderstood you...but I'd be bald by now if I hadn't found several good conditioners I rotate.

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    My hair is frizzy on CG, no matter how I try to make it work. I can only do a co wash every other day.
    I always wonder if it's because it's real humid here and I have soft well water? I'm not sure but I shampoo daily and my hair is just as shiny as ever.
    Oh and I use a diffuser for part of the drying process. I think it takes the weight of the water off my hair. My hair always seems shinier after I hit it with the hot air (with a diffuser on of course or I'd have a rats nest)

    Because of the weather here, the water and perhaps it's my hair? I get buildup pretty quick and I need a clean slate or my hair gets frizzy.

    I know I'm already cringe worthy but I also brush my leave in conditioner in. It keeps my hair in it's curl clumps better and I have less loose hairs between curls.

    Whatever works for you, use it.
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    Several of us here are "modified CG" -- and some are not CG at all. It's a long process of learning what works, and personally, I'm still learning.

    But on the plus side, your hair is probably super healthy, so you are starting from a point of strength. Go back to using silicones, or 'pooing more often, as a trial -- see what happens. It might be that you just need some sllight tweaking at this point.
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    It looks great at first, but after about a month, terrible.

    A month of great hair? Maybe you could trim every four weeks. :)

    You mention a couple of times how much better it was with heat, and that your routine includes plopping, which makes me suspicious of the plopping. You might try an air dry experiment and even possibly a diffusing experiment to rule that out.
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    you may not be good for CG method. i don't use CG method i'm 4b/fine. i swear by [buylink=]Elucence mbc[/buylink] poo and con. i don't use heat either but for me it was the opposite, i found that heat and my natural hair were not friends. no heat and low manipulation are working for me.

    i also deep condition w/ heat from a towel or a hooded dryer. i untangle my hair while wet and with tons of conditioner either in the shower or under the faucet.

    try using your diffuser again or after cleansing your hair, moisturize and put in Bantu twists to dry or something similar.
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    Are you scrunching your gel in? or raking it in?

    Personally I need to rake it in to make sure i get it evenly distributed because my hair is pretty thick. I also can't plop for the life of me or I end up with a head full of frizz.

    If I were you I'd do some routine experimenting to see if things get better.

    Since your already using a local product like tizz no frizz for gel, im going to recommend trying out some L.A looks durahold gel. It's pretty much my favorite thing ever.
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    Ugh! CG did not work for me either!

    For the love of all that is holy, try shampooing/using silcone products/diffusing again. It can't hurt and you have nothing to lose. Give it a month and see what your hair looks like, if you hate it go back to CG and start over.

    Good luck.
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