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Often, when I have visited websites regarding homemade remedies for whatever skin ailment (but particularly pimple outbreaks), the offer recipes that you have to go out of your way to buy the ingredients for. Personally, when this happens I just figure I might as well go to the drug store and pick up something that isn't some at home experiment.

Anyway, when I say "homemade remedy," I mean what do you ladies put on for those times when you really have nothing at home for that pimple that snuck up on you?

Here are somethings that I have tried or that I've heard of:

-Toothpaste: This I read is a viable method to getting rid of a pimple, kinda like on-the-spot treatment. However it really burns and has gotten me a few dry patches that takes days to get rid of.

-Vicks: Yes, Vicks! Now I don't know if this is a Hispanic thing, but my mom and nearly entire of family uses Vicks to treat pimples. Hasn't really worked for me and I stopped trying, especially after reading an article that says that it actually worsens breakouts.

-Salt: My friend said that she adds bits of salts to her daily cleanser which has really lessened her breakouts.

What about you guys? :wink:


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    i use toothpaste!
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    Tea bags are great - tanic acid - apply after steeped.

    If you know that a big one is coming, take an anacid the night before - stops it in its tracks.

    Milk of Magnesia - apply directly to the blemish.

    Hydrocortizone 1% also applied directly to blemish.

    Aloe Vera gel - or keep a plant around.


    Baking soda - if you can handle a little burn.
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