Bare Minerals on a budget?

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I'm very eager to try Bare Minerals but it's not exactly cheap. Does anyone have any suggestions for a first time buyer? Which ones should I start out with? I'll be going to a Bare Escentuals store soon and I'd like to have an idea of what I should get. Thanks.
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    Bare Minerals is great. I don't know how much you plan to spend but you can try to get a kit that comes with a few different things. I know sephora has a couple of kits that range between $50 - $60 and it usually comes with brushes which is a good deal because the brushes alone are $$$. But I think that if you are just getting a few things I would defintly try the foundation or tinted mineral veil (which I believe is good for every skin tone). I think the powder eyeliner is wonderful it really stays on.
    Their eye shadows are long lasting too. I really could go on but I won't. :)
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    check ebay. they sell TONS of sample sizes for a lot less.

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    I reccomend trying samples before you buy full size. There is a fabulous web site that sells samples. She has great customer service and speedy delivery.

    I've been buying samples for several months and have decided that I'm only going to buy full sizes of my absolute favorites as the samples will last me for months. :)
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    Another route you can go for buying samples and getting good deals is to check other online sites. I like the Mineral Veil by Bare Essentials. There products are great, but I agree, they can get pricy. They have some beautiful eye shadow shades too! I found a green that matches my eyes perfect! I love their stuff.

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