When do you start taking your baby out?

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My baby is 4 weeks old today and hasn't seen many people socially yet. We've gone shopping a few times, to the pediatrician twice and had a few relatives over. But his contact with other people has been limited.

People are now really starting to nag me about wanting to come over to visit and my coworkers want me to bring him into work so everyone can see him.

I started taking my first child out pretty early and she was fine. But I've also been told it's best to wait till they are at least 6 weeks old and/or have started their vacs.

What did you do?


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    I didn't vax my kids til they were older and I had older kids who needed to go places and I couldn't just stay home. So, I took them out and kept them close to me. Breastfeeding protects against most common germs so I didn't worry very much.
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    I took her out very early on, but only to the grocery store. People were shocked--they figured I should be home with my feet up or something. That wasn't going to happen with 3 kids and a husband that worked long hours.

    Socially, we didn't do much until the baby was between 6-8 weeks old.
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    I had a wedding to plan, so he went with me all around town at a very young age. I did stay away from closed places with lots of bodies. He was in a sling and attached to me mostly. I also have not vaccinated and breastfeed exclusively.
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    Pretty much from almost two weeks old. I had to fill out some paperwork for work and get my doctor to sign it. I also brought him with me to a Scrapbooking night when he was two weeks old. He's received all his vac's (although not at two weeks) and was exclusively bf'd - from the source...he wouldn't take a bottle.
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    He is fed EBM mostly (some formula supplementation going on). But he will be vaxed and I had a flu shot late in pregnancy. DD had a flu shot, too.

    But people always want to hold and touch and get right up in the babies' faces, you know. Is it better to just say no, you can't hold him? Or should his immune system be strong enough to ward off run of the mill stuff as long no one is coughing and sneezing?

    I got so lucky with my first. She was never sick during her first year, and only has been a handful of times since. And she went everywhere, went to daycare, survived an ice storm, no heat, trips in the snow, dog germs, etc.

    But I'm worried that this one won't do as well.

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    we took our daughter out when she was 2 weeks old. probably because she was the second and the new-parent worries were behind us.

    with our first, it seemed like a month before i saw the light of day. mainly because i was new to it all, didn't have anywhere that i had to go, and couldn't get used to preparing someone other than myself to leave the house, even for a 20-minute errand.

    the first time i left the house alone with our son, it took me 45 minutes to pack a bag for him and get him loaded in the car just to drop off some mail at the post office around the corner from our house! :laughing7::laughing7::laughing7:
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    Even when they went places, my parents just didn't let hardly anyone outside the family hold us when we were newborns. They decided that after they took me to a church function where I ended up being passed around the whole room, and they couldn't settle me down for hours afterwards.
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    Mine has gone everywhere with me from his first week of life... church and church events, cultural community events, visiting friends and family, mother and child drop-ins, play dates, rehearsals and lessons with his mama... pretty much everywhere I go, he goes with a very few exceptions. I didn't really worry about germs too much since breast feeding should be giving him the antibodies he needs, and he has never really been sick yet.
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    With my first I didn't go out much due to the inept first time mom thing and his high needs regarding nursing. With my second I think we went out the third week since my oldest picked up a nasty stomach bug in the hospital. I was tandeming and worried that the kids would pass it between each other but I guess the nursing protected the newborn. Like others mentioned I wore him in the sling a lot but there's not much you can do when the biggest germ magnet is an older sibling that was touching everything and sticking everything in his mouth.

    Despite that I don't remember Ryan having much more than a couple of colds (other than Roseola at around 7 months). We also choose not to vax.
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    I haven't been too cautious, and now I'm wondering if I should have been since he's sick. I've taken Dylan out shopping from one week or so, either in a sling right up against me or the stroller with both the stroller and car seat sun shades up. I took him by my work at 2 weeks, but I held him and nobody touched him, they just looked. Yesterday and last week, i went with him to the postpartum mom's luncheon at the hospital where i delivered. I'm wondering if I should have skipped this one. It was good for me mentally, but there were a lot of moms and babies there so i wonder if he caught some bug there.
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    I took all of my kids out right away.
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    River goes everywhere with me & has form day 1. I mean- I really had no choice. We don't have anyone here I trust to watch him so if we needed groceries- he had to go, if we needed new tires- he had to go! My husband works crazy hours & a lot of them so we are on our own a lot.
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    With my son, we were out socially at about a month. We were out for walks and such after about 2 weeks. But that was summer in California - the weather was very nice.

    This time around, I'm taking my time in getting her out. I'll probably wait 6 weeks, which is when my Mom and brother are coming to visit from out of town. DD is 3 weeks old now and really small - she barely fits properly in her bucket seat. She's only left the house twice for doctor visits and only met a few neighbours who have come to visit us.

    But I have it easier this time, my MIL lives with us now, so its easy for me to leave her with a bottle of EBM for a couple of hours while I take the toddler out. I would go mad if I was trapped at home with her and the toddler all day every day.
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    I've been taking Lucas out with me since he was about a week old. I can't handle being stuck in the house, so even if all we do is take a walk around the block with the dog, I still feel like I've gotten out a bit. I'm also exclusively breastfeeding, so I feel ok about taking him shopping or on whatever other errands i have to run.
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    I didn't vax my kids til they were older and I had older kids who needed to go places and I couldn't just stay home. So, I took them out and kept them close to me. Breastfeeding protects against most common germs so I didn't worry very much.

    I stayed home for the first month with baby number one, and limited my outtings with baby number 2 for the first month.

    If I were to do it over, I don't think I would have waited to go anywhere, other than just to heal after my surgeries.

    My #2 had gone to the ER with me when she was around a week old (I had an infection and we had to take her with), and she also vitisted the hospital again 2 days later when my dad had a heart attack. Other than that, we tried to keep her home...I was esp. nervous about her ER visit with me.
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    Pretty much from the beginning. Kade was born on April 14, and easter was soon after. I remember I was at the grocery store the first week with him, and someone asking how old he was, and then seeing the look of shock on her face. To think I had just had a baby a week earlier and I was up and about already. She acted like I should have been put on bedrest of something. We had a very bad winter that year, there were very few days were there wasn't several inches of ice on the ground and roads, and I lived on a hill. I was soo paranoid of falling and hurting the baby or something, so I was housebound most of the time, there was no way in hell I was spending more time couped up in that apartment.

    And with Korbin, I was going through the autism eval process with Kade and didn't have that luxury.