my son's hair

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my son is multi-racial, mainly black and white. his hair type is tight waves if there's a word. they aren't exactly kinks. his hair had never been cut-not even a trim until 2 yrs ago and that was to get rid of the fuzziness. i used to keep it in a lot of braided pony tails and plaits and now he's in school, i just keep it in cornrows or a pony tail. now the problem with the ponytail is that the front section part that is his hairline comes loose after a while of playing because its just frizz. the whole top layer used to be fuzzy and the back were shirly temple curl-like. after i cut it the first time, he still had a little bit of fuzz, but the second haircut got rid of it and it never came back. And even though his ends are like little shirly temple curls, they tend to become frizzy. i used to use baby oil gel to hold it together, then as it got longer, i switched to pink lotion. now i use indian hemp gel. i just use baby shampoo and suave conditioner when i wash it and use the hemp gel to keep it greased. when it's braided i just spray it with baby oil. we don't have a lot of money for expensive products. i want to know if there is an easy way to tame the frizz? how often should ends be trimmed? i hope not that often. i don't know a lot about trimming hair and the first time i did, i did it all wrong and cut way too much of his hair off! i don't wanna cry again:cry:

the attached pic. ( i hope you can see it) is what it looks like when it's wet. when it begins to dry is a different story.

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