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What salon or drugstore products are you using to co-wash and as a leave in. I am tired of paying shipping for products from the States - usually end up paying more in shipping than for the product. I would like to get a routine with products I can get from the local mall.


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    Glad to hear from a fellow curly canadian. I use [buylink=]Curl Keeper[/buylink] which I can get from It is in Toronto, so if you live in the area I suggest you give it a try. As well you can order Ouidad products from Prism Hair Salon in Toronto. That way you don't have to pay duty and stupid stuff like that. If you go to Ouidad's site they will show the Canadian Salon, which again is in TO.
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    Funny you should post that site. I just ordered [buylink=]Curl Keeper[/buylink] from there on Sunday. Trying it for the first time!!

    Thanks I will look at the Ouidad site for salons. I would prefer not to have to order all my products from different places but I guess if that is what it comes to for great hair then I will. Just is so much more disappointing when you order a product online and it doesn't work than if you just picked it up from the mall and can return it with ease.
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    One more thing. Do you find that like half of the Suave, VO5 products mentioned on here are impossible to find in Canada? I have searched for the VO5 Strawberries and Cream, Tea tree one, or Vanilla mint and some of the Suave ones mentioned with not luck. I have found Suave Strawberry, Apple or Coconut but that is it.
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    I too find that half the stuff on the site where they mention products are not available in Canada - frustrating to be sure!!!! Don't they know they are missing tons of business:wink:
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    The only Suave Naturals I think Canada carries are: Tropical Coconut, Juicy Green Apple, Strawberry, and Lavender Lilac, and then some of the Professionals ones.

    You can find WhiteRain at some Zellers.

    VO5, I have found some like the Extra Body, Free Me Freesia, Moisture Milks Strawberries and Cream, Kiwi Lime, in my town. Not in Shopper's or any of the bigname Pharmacies though, in a small one called Axis Drugs. Look in stores that are discount or small little convenient stores even. I did find VO5 shampoo in one of them, they didn't have the conditioner though.


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    I'm living just north of Toronto in Brampton. If anyone can help me find these products, please let me know where to get them from.

    Aubreys Organics Mandarin Magic

    Aubreys Organics Honey Suckle Rose CO

    Shea Moisture Shea Butter Leave-in

    VO5 Kiwi Conditioner

    Giovanni Direct Leave-in

    [buylink=]Kinky Curly Knot Today[/buylink]

    Qhemet Biologics Honey Hair Bush Tea Gel

    Oyin Handmade [buylink=]Greg juice[/buylink]


    I'll be picking up today:

    Fantasia clear gel hair polisher styling gel with Sparklites
    -from the local west indian store

    Lustrasilk Shea Butter/mango deep conditioner
    -from Sallys

    -downtown Toronto at the Curly Hair Institute.
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    I live Scarborough... I will keep my eyes open for those products when I am out and about.:happy9:

    I have been looking everywhere for Aubreys Organics Honey Suckle Rose CO but I have not had any luck yet, I really want to try it because of all the great reviews on this site about it.
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    I live in NB and have been using Kenra as my conditioner. I only CO wash once a week and usually add lemon juice at the same time.

    I get it at Trade Secret. I order a bunch of products from CHS since they have such a great deal on shipping from TO.
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