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I was wondering about how to exactly use my S Curl stuff, I don't have the texturizer, I just got the S Curl spray bottle and the S Curl Gel..I was wondering how to use that to create a curly afro?
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    Don't use the S-Curl spray but have been using the gel for years--I should buy stock in Luster or contact them about a bulk purchasing. I condition my hair with Pantene Relaxed and Natural, combing it while the conditioner is in it. After rinsing, I dry my hair with a towel (blot & squeeze, but don't rub).

    Then I get a good handful of S-Curl gel and run it through my hair with my fingers--don't use a comb, otherwise you'll tease out any curl pattern. After that I'm done and my hair curls up as it and the gel dry. The trick is to NOT comb your hair after you rinse the conditioner out, because that "disturbs" the curl pattern, and to use LOTS of gel--good thing the stuff is only $4/jar, because I go through one or two a week.

    My hair texture is like Rachel True's from the TV show Half and Half", and I find that S-Curl is perfect gel for my hair (thick with just enough "slip" to work through my hair, and it doesn't make my hair hard). Ironically, I find that S-Curl gel works better if I use either JoiGel (by Joico) or Upper Management Gel (by Kiss My Face) the next day on top of it to hold the curls in the New Orleans humidity without making my hair hard.

    If you want the gel work more like a pomade, just leave the jar open for several days to reduce the moisture content.

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