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any dancers out there? i don't know if i consider myself a dancer (usually not, but sometimes i do because it makes me feel good about myself), but i'm currently taking an adult beginner ballet class. i had taken ballet some years ago, but it's been long enough that i felt i should start from the beginning.

anyway, i'm glad i did. the strengthening and toning benefits are great. not to mention that my teacher says she's noticed a difference in my posture. plus, i just FEEL more graceful (which is a big deal, considering i'm a klutz). so i love it.

if there are any other dancers who would like to add on what they love about dance, feel free! or if you're a ballet enthusiast and want to know more!
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    I'm a former dancer who is desperately out of practice. I was never a huge fan of ballet but I miss the control that it gave me over my body. Every so often, I will do a barre routine but I find it rather boring when I am alone.

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    I am currently in ballet and jazz now and also on my school's dance production, which I consider an honor so yeah I'd say I'm a dancer. This is like my 8th year. I LOVE it. It is my sport and I just feel so right while performing.
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    I'm a dancer. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! I feel like I can't live without it. I started in middle school and haven't stopped.

    The strength and flexibility it gives me, along with the nice calves, are great!! My favorite is jazz and hip hop, and every now and then I will take a turns & leaps class. I never really got into ballet, but I respect it and will take class for strength, it kicks my butt everytime.
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