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Have any of you tried Billy Blanks Jr.'s Cardioke workout video? Please give a review if you have. It looks fun.


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    Never heard of it, but if it is what it sounds like - cardio + karaoke - sign me up! Should fulfill at least some of my frustrated Broadway musical star longings!
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    oooh anything that requires singing is fun :)
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    That looks fun. I would totally do that if they ever put out a DVD.
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  • AmberWavesAmberWaves Registered Users Posts: 231
    nynaeve77 wrote: »
    That looks fun. I would totally do that if they ever put out a DVD.

    It is on DVD and can be purchased here|1064835861

    I want to buy it, but would like more reviews before I do. I may go on and take the plunge though.

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