dressing up toenails without polish?

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I've decided I'm done w/ painting my toes. It never lasts, and I hate the chemical smell of both the polish and the remover.

Any ideas for dressing up toe nails without polish? I tried buffing but my nail buffer doesn't seem to be strong enough to do much.
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    Someone here posted about buffing cream and a cloth nail buffer and I tried it and love it. If you go to a beauty supply store, they will point you in the right direction. It makes your nails look dressy, but real. Also, you really have to keep the cuticles oiled and the heels pumiced and lotioned.
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    ITA with using a buffing cloth and creme. The only thing you might have to do first (if you've been using a lot of dark nail varnish) is use a product such as Yellow Out since dark colors tend to discolor the nails. I also use Solar Oil to keep my cuticles looking in top shape.
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    Thought this was kind of fitting for this thread:

    The Latest 'Naked' Fashion Statement
    Throw out the nail polish remover. The hottest new trend is naked nails. And you can thank Sarah Jessica Parker for that.

    Vogue magazine reports that fashion's new look is tootsies in the buff. That doesn't mean you can forego the pedicure; just leave off the nail polish. Instead, pedicurists who push naked toes are buffing the nails. This not only smoothes them, but also raises the circulation which turns them a natural pink. Spa owner Ji Baek purred to Vogue, "It's like saying, 'I'm so chic, I don't need polish.'" Dahling.

    So what does Sarah Jessica Parker have to do with all this? Vogue reports that the actress has stopped using nail polish on her hands and feet. The bare nails seem appropriate for her because she has so much going on with her clothes, say the magazine's editors. (We're thinking that being the busy mother of an active preschooler may also have something to do with it.)

    If you insist on using polish, check this out: There is a bottle of nail polish for sale at the Wynn Resort in Las Vegas that costs an eye-popping $55,000. Why so high? It contains platinum. It's worth more than your rings. Supposedly the platinum gives it more sheen and helps it to lasts longer. The naked nail look might be just the thing your bank account needs!
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