Porosity? Hair drying TOO QUICK..help!

Guys, my hair is I THINK too porous, or whatever it's called..it dries TOO fast after I rinse it out and then the end result is frizzy, not cute, dull hair. WHY is this happening!

Its usually still wet while im in the shower, but lately after i rinse it, a couple of seconds later the top is all dry ( the ends are always soaking wet). I use lots of great CG products and have never had this problem before a couple months ago, so I think it's buildup and not a LACK of conditioner, so I tried all the old standard ACV, lemon rinse stuff..and still, weird super fast-drying and then ultimately dull and frizzy hair. I just go back and forth, back and forth--- between super ultra conditioning, then no results and buildup, then clarifying and it feeling STILL weird and drying too quick.

Sorry to sound desperate, but I'm hoping that SOMEONE has ever had this problem (the main symptom, like I said, the dry top almost immediately out of the shower) and can help me proceed..i just keep on trying recommended products/remedies/rinses and nothing seems to work right!


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    I had a problem similar to this with my crown. It was drying quickly and frizzy. It also looked dry. I made a concoction of olive oil, condition and water.

    I used the hair spritz from here:

    I applied this to my problem spot, before I go to bed and left it on all night. I saturated the hair, but I did not soak my hair in it. The next morning I continue with my CO wash. It helped the problem. I hope this helps.
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    CK is the one!!

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    That does sound like build-up. Some kinds of build-up won't really go away with ACV or lemon rinses, including 'cones and (I think) proteins. You may just need to clarify and start over.

    What kinds of products are you using?
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