newest celeb scent!

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when i was out shopping this morning, i came across a new perfume -

Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker

and you know what???

it IS lovely!!!


it's not overpoweringly floral, but it's not oriental or green... i wish i knew how to describe it. the info i was able to find on it describes it as a "floral musk" with orchid, bergamot, mandarin and patchouli - but, except for the delicate scent of orchid, i can't find any of those notes in it.

i think i see this perfume in my future!

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    i LOVE lovely!! bought it last weekend at foley's and they threw in tons of gifts!

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    In other news - there's a new male celeb scent out too -


    Here's the commercial for it!
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    I can't wait to try SJP's perfume! I just read a small article about it, and even the way she presented her idea sounds fabulous. She wanted an egg shaped bottle so she put a dozen eggs in a Rochas box tied with grosgrain ribbon.
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