help with my hairtype

hi everyone! im new to the site, but its great finding all of this wonderful information about curly hair.
i was wondering if you guys could help me figure out my hair type?
thanks y'all!

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  • jillipoojillipoo Posts: 3,795Registered Users
    Wow, what pretty hair! You look like a solid 3a to me -- and it's so shiny!
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  • Just KimmieJust Kimmie Posts: 116Registered Users
    Yeah, I'd say 3a, too. If you had more layers, you'd probably have significantly more curling from the roots down. looks like your hair is weighted down a bit at the roots, although it looks very healthy.
    Hair Type: 2B/3A hybrid, I believe. Had it short for about 5 years, and have since let it grow. Layers have brought out the curl...and I haven't gone 'straight' since!

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