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I crave exercise. Weird!

DayzieDayzie Posts: 233Registered Users
I have never in my life craved exerecise. I've never really liked it. It's always been an on again, off again kinda thing for me. When I do exercise I do feel better, but then get bored with it, and quit. I'm not doing anything differently than I usually do, but I just really want to do it. I'm not doing it so much just because I need to, more because I really want to. It's very strange, and not something I've heard other people experience. I just hope it dosen't go away. And I now need to get my eating in-line aswell. I've a got some poundage to lose ya know?

Anyway just wondered if anybody else has gone through this, like I am? Just curious. I might even have to start my own log, but we'll see. :wink:
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  • CherishCherish Posts: 1,847Registered Users
    it happens to me. Sometimes, I'm just buzzing with energy and fidgety for no apparent reason. Early evening yesterday, I headed out for a hilly walk, but ended up going for a run (I don't like to run) because I just had too much energy.

    Also, happens when I read an inspiring post like in Dia99's recent log.
  • starfishbluesstarfishblues Posts: 49Registered Users
    yeah, that happens to me too. it's weird! i'm not naturally that athletic, but occasionally i just crave exercise. especially when i'm in the habit of it. if i'm in the habit of exercising like 5 times a week, it gets really hard for me to skip a day. my body just feels like it needs to exercise.
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  • Aries_jbAries_jb Posts: 1,556Registered Users
    I feel this way after I get into a routine of exercising. Once I get into a routine I hate to have to skip a day. If I skip a day I can't sleep because I have this energy that I didn't get a chance to get rid of during the day.
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