boots and leave in??

hey ladies!!
so i was thinking to try using a leave in as my hair has been frizzy in the cold weather. However, i alredy use boots curl creme with a gel on top. I am worried that the boots and leave in together will be too much and weigh my hair down. Does anyone have any advice/suggestions? Maybe i should skip the boots and try just a leave in and gel?
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    Maybe you could try mixing just a little leave-in with your Boots and see how it does? I've never really used leave-ins because they usually weigh my hair down, but mine has also become dry in the cold weather, so I used less rinse out conditioner yesterday, rinsed out thoroughly, and then put leave in, then Alagio Curl Balm on top. Lots of body and not weighed down at all. I was surprised. You just never know what your hair is going to decide to do!
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    i tried just the leave in and gel today, and its not looking bad. i haven't been outside tho. i think i'll try your suggestion. thankyou!:toothy7:
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