Help please..I used conditioner with Protein

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Hello ladies,
About a week ago I posted about using Giovanni conditioner, I knew it had protein in it, but since it's all organic and I wasn't sure that my hair is sensitive to protein I used it anyways. Now my hair is suffering, it's very frizzy, the curls lost the beautiful definition I started having since going CG and now I don't know if I should clarify and start all over again or do something else. I did an ACV rinse but it didn't work at all. Is there anything else I can do besides using shampoo?
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    Just give your hair some time and TLC, using a protein-free conditioner. It may take a few CO washes, but it should come around since you only used the protein conditioner once. I think a harsh shampoo would probably just dry it out even more. At least your hair reacted right away so you don't have to guess at what happened!
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