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oohh gosh. what are we gonna do with boyss? i swearrr... =)

ohhkaay;; there's this guyy and i kindaa likee him....
but my bffl think's he's not the greatest person on earth. see the story is, one of the girls in her spanish class was dating him and she told my bffl ALL about him. all the things he's donee, etc. so some of the stuff was bad, i'm sure. i mean, no one's perfect right? ps: he's a grade older then mee

my status on facebook one day was
-- i'm never gonna let you pass me by (L)
and he messaged me saying 'aww how could i get a comment about me from big pouuf?' duude, that's totally what he calls me. and i'm likee 'well you knoww your channging my life' and as soon as that we got into a big disscussion about how ppl don't really know the 'real' us, and he was telling me what he does everyday a normal day for him and stuff.

and get the end, he asked me outt!!! on a group date to a movie except i was busy so i couldn't go =( so i said maybe next weekend. and he's likee alrightt. so i was stokeeddd! i'm thinking i'm gonna tell my friends tmrw that he asked me outt. but i don't know how my bffl will react. i don't think she'll want me to go out with him, or i don't think she'll like him. my other two bff's like him he's hilariousss sooooo yeah.

any advice would be awesomeee! =)
i'm still not really sure what i'm asking lol. but if you would like to comment, go ahead. thx.
peace upp a townn-down
you can find me in the hood.
because gangsterrrr isss sooo the new prep homeyy.


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    Big pouf. lol good luck on your date hopfully things won't get akward but if it does do a little small talk, good luck!

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