Question re: Layers and Parts's been awhile since I last got my hair trimmed and my layers 'recalibrated'...but, I have a question...

Last time I got it cut, the gal parted it in the middle before cutting my layers. This seemd wrong at the time, since I part on the side (I have a round face and cannot do a middle part). Doesn't it stand to reason that if you cut layers when your hair was parted in the middle, that once you re-part to one side, all your layers would 'bunch up' on the opposite side?

That seems to be my issue...I part on the left, so now the left side of my hair is too long and doesn't bounce up, whereas the right side seems to have all the layers, and it bunches up.

Am I making sense? Should I get a haircut with my usual part in place??
Hair Type: 2B/3A hybrid, I believe. Had it short for about 5 years, and have since let it grow. Layers have brought out the curl...and I haven't gone 'straight' since!


  • JLRcurlyJLRcurly Posts: 245Registered Users
    I see what your saying, why don't you bring it up to your stylist. I usually part in the middle so that is how my layers are cut, but when I want a change I part to th eleft an dI kinda like how my layers fall at that angle.
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    most stylists i've been to have asked which side i part on...i just got my hair cut again and got layers put in, and the stylist kind of cut it with the part in the middle, it doesn't look bad when i part it on the side though...but definitely bring it up to your stylist.
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    Since I switched to a stylist who really knows how to work with curls, I only get my hair cut dried. My part is on the side (either straight or zig zag).
    Since I've been getting dry cuts, my hair has never been better.
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