Anyone cut their own hair?

I'm thinking of doing this, as I only want a bit off the length and can't be bothered to go to a salon just for that (I still haven't found a salon I like anyway).

Anyone got any experience/advice/cautions to share?


  • snapssnow92snapssnow92 Posts: 170Registered Users
    after i got my haircut at a salon the front was not exactly as i wanted it so i just snipped a bit off. this is all i would do though because if i totally ruined it i could just clip it back. it actually tuned out nice. hopefully someone else here can give you some better advice but id be careful, you dont want to ruin your hair!
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    Hi sugarplumfairy!

    I'm too chicken to do my own, but your question reminded me of a thread I read awhile back - perhaps this conversation and this link will help you.

    Good luck!
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    I haven't had a professional hair cut in 8 years. Whenever I need a trim I 'wash' my hair. Then I let it dry most of the way, so the curls are formed, but it's still a bit damp to keep frizz down. I turn my head over, and cut the same amount off of each clump. Say, an inch to start. Then I turn over to see if there are any long peices that need to be trimmed. Keep doing that until the length is where you want it. Sometimes my husband or sister helps me trim the back. HTH!
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  • Sugar Plum FairySugar Plum Fairy Posts: 178Registered Users
    ooh shell you star, i remembered having read threads about this before but couldn't get anything to come up on a search! (i don't know why, it was really frustrating! lol!)

    and thanks violetta and snapssnow for sharing too! i thought about it some more...spoke to my sister for opinions...and in the end booked a hair appointment at a salon after all :toothy7:lol. i chickened out. i'm starting back at college in a few days so decided i don't want to risk any disasters just now. maybe i'll try it over the summer though :wink:

    thanks everyone! xxx

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