Fragrance was the second ingredient. That is bad.

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Consider this a PSA as we move into the New Year. Should you find yourself running low on products and looking for alternatives in an unfamiliar land, be afraid. Be very afraid. Because sometimes you can't be picky. But you should be pickier than I was.

I picked up a bottle of rice bran conditioner, thinking that sounded interesting. I don't remember the brand, it was some import from Thailand. I skimmed the ingredients list, saw water, fragrance, oils, parabens. Nothing out of the ordinary. Went home, opened the bottle, almost passed out from the overpowering fragrance. Oh yeah, ingredients are generally listed in order of volume. So there was more unspecified fragrance than anything else but water in there. Did that stop me? Nooooo.

Lathered it on. IMMEDIATELY rinsed it out. I could feel my skin peeling away as it washed down my back. I had visions of chemical burns. Okay, maybe that is an exaggeration, but I got some serious itchies. Oh yeah, that's why I usually avoid heavily fragranced products. I have my mommy's sensitivity to perfumes.

Fragrance was the second ingredient. I can't get over that. Hahahaha.
póg mo thóin

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