Two of my best friends are not talking to each other

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I'll try to make this short. Two of my best friend are not talking to each other anymore.
Supposedly one confronted the other telling her she believes the other's depressed, that she should quit depending on her parents for financial support and that she finds her current attitude somewhat annoying.
The other one did not take this well and decided not to speak to the the other one anymore. I know her well and she's probably thinking "well if I annoy you then I will not speak to you anymore".
I've heard both sides of the story and decided to keep them to myself and not share it with the other.

They were good friends for longer than I have been friends with them. They are both hard headed and I know that for now, neither of them will make the step to start talking to each other again.
They have had such a wonderful friendship over the years that it would be really sad to see their friendship end like this.

I want to intervene and need help on what to do next.
This is my plan so far: I want to invite them for lunch, without telling them that the other one's also coming and then leave them alone so they can hopefully sort their issues out.
Does this sound like a good plan or do you have a better suggestion?
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    Me, I'd feel ambushed with that approach. Especially if the depressed one got all upset over what the other frnd said. It didn't sound too bad, depending on how it was said.

    Maybe an email to them both?
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    No. I'd just talk to each one separately and tell them how stupid their fighting and let them sort it out.
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    Thanks for answering. Just about five minutes after this post one of them called me and it seems like she's had enough and will make the effort to start talking to the other one today.
    It's five o'clock somewhere! ctail.gif
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    Let them work it out and you are smart to not repeat what one will say about the other. Basically, MYOB is a good idea in this case.

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    If one misses the other, tell her instead of telling you, tell the friend she hasn't been talking to.

    The best thing you can do is stay out of it. Getting in the middle and repeating things just causes more mess!

    It's good you care, though. I hope the friend you talked to did call and work things out.
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