One'Nonly.Curl Remover.Tinted/Highlighted. LESS THAN 50%?!?!WTF!!

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I AM ANGRY. Maybe I shouldn't be. I am here to find out!

Decided to get Curl Remover this evening to relax some of my curl. Ok, cool. Very excited.
Open box & read them instructions (after I return home, of course).
Instructions say to me:

"For use on tinted/highlighted hair (less than 50%)."
"Do not use on bleached or double processed hair. Use on these hair types may cause overprocessing and/or breakage."
OHHHH! Because you thought I would know that bleached hair is not tinted or highlighted??... Even if I am the dumb arse here, you should pitty people like me, One'N Only.

So, what to do... what to do.
I honestly just feel like sayin' F-bomb it. I just had a whole lot of my hair hacked because of fried ends due to bleaching. Now it's growin' out. I am getting extensions to make up for my missing porn star hair.
I am paying $400 in the salon to get human hair extensions bonded into the front sections of my hair to fill in alot of strange missing hair due to bleaching and a real bad cut.
So, at Sally's I also bought a whole bunch of stuff to do my own synthetic extensions in the back of my head.

Main reason for relaxing my hair:
1. Less time screwin' with my mop.
2.Less damage to my natural and synthetic extensions.

I almost can not straighten my hair using a flat iron with the synthetics. sooo.... yup. I'm running out of explanation here. LOL

.....if anyone could just please tell me to go for it or not... that would be the best post-x-mas present EVER.

thank you guys... I know I'm turning into a real pain-in-the-rear.
"Is your hair natural?"- You don't honestly think I'd do this on purpose, do you?
Missin' the PornStar Hair


  • rowdyromancerowdyromance Posts: 69Registered Users
    I just realized I posted this in the wrong forum...
    I am sorry.

    what I forgot to add in my rant there was...

    the box says..
    For use on:
    hair with 50% or less highlights
    hair tinted with greater than 20 volume peroxide
    hair tinted with high light tints

    so.. wtf. it dont say all those catagories have to be under 50%....
    "Is your hair natural?"- You don't honestly think I'd do this on purpose, do you?
    Missin' the PornStar Hair

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