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I apologize if this has already been asked, but what do you do when you go to bed to keep your hair curly, pretty and frizz-free, besides using silk pillowcases?

I put my hair in a french braid but I realized lately that it seems to take out some of my curliness.

3a. My hair does what it wants.. currently waiting for BKT treatment to go away.

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  • jussamariejussamarie Posts: 61Registered Users
    i don't sleep on any special pillowcases, but i've found that if i want my curls to be in good shape in the morning, i can't tie them back. i know this works opposite for some people (many put their hair in a high ponytail to preserve the curl), but if i just sleep on my loose hair, i wake up with it in pretty much the same shape. you could try these two techniques and see how it works.
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    I always sleep on my satin pillowcase and put my hair in a pineapple with a very loose scrunchie. When I wake up in the morning, I take my hair down and put the scrunchie just below my nape very loose. After, I do my morning routine, I take off the scrunchie,fluff my hair from scalp, shake and go.
    I have tried to apply products, but it causes frizz. So, I am a bit heavy handed with my styling aid on wash day if I am aiming for 2nd, even 3rd hair day.
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  • NottyNotty Posts: 1,456Registered Users
    I also use a loose scrunchie, but in the a.m. when I take it down - I lightly spritz with good to go!
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  • JamieVJamieV Posts: 158Registered Users
    I have 2c (wavy) hair so this may not work for girls with real curls..
    But the absolute best way for me to sleep on my hair and have it actually look good (and still really spirally in the morning) is to wash it a few hours before bedtime. And I don't scrunch out the crunchiness, I sleep on it (but not too wet, after its had a couple of hours to mostly dry) and the sleep kind of softens it up and I may or may not have to scrunch it the next morning (when its dry)
    I tried satin pillowcases, they didn't help me too much. I have minimal frizz though.
    ALso, my hair os too short to pull up. Even when I had really long hair, any time I would pull it up or back, it would lose the bends and waves in the spot that was secured by a band or clip.
    Don't know if this helps...
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  • missa32missa32 Posts: 4Registered Users
    I make sure my hair is really damp (either from an evening shower or sprayed with water) then I flip my head down and scrunch my hair into a bun on the top of my head. I wrap a good, old-fashioned, out of style scrunchie around it and go to sleep. This is also how I wear it while running. I shake it out in the morning.
    It gets me from 3A to 3B.

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