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Hi, I'm new here, so tell me if I've posted in the wrong section!

I've decided to get my hair cut shorter, and though I'm a little attached to it, I know that it will always grow back. I'm planning on having it cut shoulder length or a little more, but I also want it to be cut in a way where I could blow dry it straight if I wanted. I have never blown my hair straight before, I've always flat ironed it (which took forever, like an hour and a half, and never really turned out great). How long would blow drying it usually take? I'm a very busy college student so I can't spend hours in the morning blow drying it straight. Is this even a good idea I have?

Here's a picture of me.




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    aww your hair is super cute. i think its a good idea to get a cut that would work curly and straight to give you more versatility with your look if that is what you're seeking. i can't say how long it would take for you to blow dry...depends on the thickness of your hair and the skill you have with the dryer...i know for me it takes over an hour (my hair is really thick) and then i have to go over it with the flat iron bc i'm not a good blow dryer lol. sooo yeah, needless to say, i don't straighten very often. good luck with your cut...i just got mine cut today!
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    Hi and Welcome!!!

    You and your curly hair are very pretty, BTW!

    Probably you would get more helpful replies putting this post on the "straightening/relaxing" board where you can read about tips to straightening/softening, etc.--you'll see it if you scroll down under "general discussion" board.

    Good luck on your curly or straight hair journey! :toothy7:
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    I agree, you've got great curls!

    Mine are of a simlar texture. I used to straighten my shoulder length 3B hair for 30 years. the First 20 years by blow drying it section by section using the type of blow dryer that has a brush or comb attached (not the gun type). It used to take me an hour or more.

    When I switched to a high quality flat iron, it would only take be about 30 minutes. I would blow dry it first with a gun dryer not caring how big it got, just getting it dry quickly. Then I would section by section flat iron it. With a really good professional flat iron, it only takes 2 swips and it's stick straight.

    I've been going curly for the last 2 years and really like it now that I've got a Deva cut (no more triangle head) and some good products. Although, last week I decided to roller-set it to see how it looked, and it turned out pretty good, straight, but with volume.

    Good luck! I'm sure you're cut will look nice!
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