looser curls?

svetikisvetiki Curl NeophytePosts: 85Registered Users Curl Neophyte
So, the front of my hair, like in the bang area, is wavy but the rest of my head is full of really tight curls. Is there a way to loosen them up a bit or stretch them out?
Also, what are some products u'd recommend?
thnx :)
3c/4a in the front, 4b in the back, with a few sprinkles of 3c in random spots.


  • shycurlshycurl Posts: 197Registered Users
    I have strictly waves in the front of my hair where my bangs are too. At this time, I don't do anything to them because my hair is short and I usually use clips to hold them in place or a headband. The rest of my hair is tight coils. Lately I have been using Suave Toasted Vanilla and Sugar (co-wash), Totally Twisted or Suave Max Hold Gel and Hollywood Beauty Olive Oil (when necessary); other products I like are in my sig. Hope that helps.

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