I thought I was doing everything right!

Hi everyone!

I’ll apologize in advance, this post might be a little long.

I’m new to the group but I’ve scoured post after post, trying to learn everything I can about being curly. The funny side to this is that when I was a baby I had curly hair and then it went straight by the age of 3 or 4. My whole life I’ve always had a frizzy layer (canopy) on my hair but always attributed this to years of coloring. About 3 ½ months ago, my hair started getting REALLY FRIZZY. Then odd little kinks to it. Finally one afternoon, I dunked my hands in water and low and behold, waves and curls bordering on ringlets. (2C bordering on 3A? ) For a woman who craved pretty curls all her life, this was a VERY happy day, I can tell you.:toothy7:

I did my research and found the curl mart and then this awesome forum. I bought Lorraine Massey’s book and went to the no poo method. I started herbal supplements and teas, started eating right and working out. Then 3 weeks into the no poo method, I realized I was using a conditioner that had xanes and cones in it. The one that I currently can’t remember is that one that is the hardest to remove from your hair. I found out I had to clarify. Problem was, all I had in the house was my husbands head and shoulders shampoo. I looked at the label and it did have dimethicone in it, but I knew it would remove that toughy ones, so I used it, choosing the lesser of the evils. This actually worked well and I proceeded to do my conditioner research. I found the curl junkie cocoa and milk conditioner and after checking the ingredients fifty times, I felt it was the safest choice.

I made it 4 ½ weeks the next no poo go round. I tried apple cider vinegar rinses, baking soda rinses and after the 4 ½ weeks my hair was actually sticky and slimy like I coated it with a layer of Vaseline. I stopped CO washing after week 3 because I realized it was probably too much and switched to water and the above mentioned rinses. I wasn’t using any products in my hair at all and only scrunched after showering and then left it to air dry.

After the sticky slimy incident, I used the head and shoulders again but this time, I used a teaspoon diluted in about 24 ounces of water. This I just rinses through and scrubbed the scalp. Instantly, I felt my hair degunk and was clean.

Now, I’m doing the lemon juice rinses but I’m noticing that not only is my hair STILL frizzy with some curl y parts and some straight parts, I’m still fighting greasies, even though I’m not using any conditioners or products. The only thing that I have done different during this entire period is that I colored my hair with a good quality henna about 2 weeks ago. I only left it on for an hour and got great results. It didn’t seem to diminish what little curl I’d gotten but I have had these other issues ever since.

My curls are not improving, the frizz is horrible and the greasies are creeping me out. I have to wear a tight ponytail all the time to hide this.

Okay, so here’s the questions:

What is everyone’s suggestion for the right clarifier (Because I just know I’m going to have to start over again)

The right conditioner

And anything else you think I might be doing wrong.

ANY help you all can offer would be a godsend. I am so desperate about this

Thank you everyone for being here, you are my lifeline



  • parzyparzy Posts: 246Registered Users
    I usually use the Suave clarifying poo since it is so cheap and I only clarify a couple of times a year (because for some reason I have an occasional 'cone binge even though I always regret it immediately)...

    Maybe it would help to use a sulphate free poo once you clarify a couple of times a week or whenever you feel you need it. It might be a good way to keep yourself sane while you get to know your hair.

    The process really shouldn't be miserable. I am a full proponent of taking the CG philosophy as my guide and modifying as per my own needs (which change with seasons, length, and environment because I travel a great deal).
    2b (a fine 'n porous wavy)...and finally growing out :-)

    Wash: Deva Low-poo
    Condish and leave in: OneC or Suave Coconut

    Styler: Angell or the Deva foam, sometimes KKKC

    Etc: Set It Free as a refresher

    Protien: Looking for one

    I love hairspray...don't judge
  • jamiethomasjamiethomas Posts: 2Registered Users
    Thank you so much for your reply. It helps me so much having you all here on this board, I think I'd be going nutty right now otherwise. :)

    Let me ask you something real quick. How normal is it to consistently have one side of your hair not curl? My left side NEVER seems to curl and I even have a 3 inch wide section right up front by my ear that is totally straight. I have to wrap it around my finger and hold it til it dries a bit so that it kind of looks like it matches.

    You know there is an irony to all of this. I thought my whole life that if I had curly hair, I'd never have to worry about ugly hair again. :laughing8:
  • eweniqueewenique Posts: 1,502Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Sorry that you're hair hasn't been cooperating. If you want to go CG, then it will take 3 - 6 weeks for your hair and scalp to adjust. After that time, if your scalp still gets greasy, then you may need to use a gentle shampoo once a week or so. Whenever you get your hair wet, be sure to scrub/massage your scalp and rinse well before applying conditioner to the length to detangle and moisturize. You should rinse all or most of it out, then apply a conefree styling product to help control the frizz and encourage the curls. It's important that the conditioner doesn't have any 'cones or 'xanes because they will build up and need a shampoo to remove. Doing lemon juice/apple cider vinegar/baking soda rinses now and then should help with any other product buildup. It does take a bit of experimenting to see what products work best for your hair. Keep reading these posts to learn more and don't give up! Eventually your hair will settle down into its natural curl pattern.
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  • niknik Posts: 109Registered Users
    i'm not an expert and am experimenting myself . Perhaps you are clarifying to much (ACV, Lemon, baking soda). I'm not really sure why your hair is not cooperating. Maybe a similar regime can help.

    CG conditioner like Aubrey organics honeysuckle Rose Conditioner

    CG shampoo like Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Shampoo

    Deep Treatment
    Honey + a CG conditioner like Aubrey Organics Rosa Mosqueta Conditioner
    (in Winter Honey + Aubrey Organics GPB Conditioner)

    Clarifying (every 4-5th co/wash or rinse)
    Apple Cider Vinegar Spritz
    Baking Soda Scrub

    I hate to say it but maybe you should consider starting over? This time using a clarifying shampoo like Suave Clarifying (99 cents and clear) for the first wash to get out all the products you used over the last two months out and follow with a moisturizing CG conditioner. Then the next wash start fresh with the CG co-wash and go from there. Not sure if you feel that would be a waste of 2 months of experimenting. Sorry can't be of more help.
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