question about curling iron

on my conair 1" barrel curling iron the settings are 1 to 25. I've been using it on 1 because I thought that was the coolest, then I burned my forehead with it today...anyway I was wondering if anyone knew whether 1 was the coolest or 25 was (:cry: I hope I haven't been frying my hair for 2 weeks)
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  • CurlyBrunetteGirlCurlyBrunetteGirl Posts: 83Registered Users
    The first rule of curling irons is that it will always always ALWAYS burn you. No matter how cool or hot, they will burn you. They need to be hot so it can curl your hair and keep it curled.

    It makes sense that 1 would be the coolest and 25 the hottest, and it is so with other Conair products, but check the little guide thing that comes with it just in case. But I personally think that you're safe.
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    I know what you mean! I have a Remington Wet2Straight Iron that I sometimes use for my bangs on the heat setting of "1" and it's still super hot. I doubt that a higher heat setting would be cooler, but I think that some products could stand to have cooler temperatures. I don't think you're causing much damage; especially if you use heat protectant of some sort.
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