Just ordered the Jessicurl Trialpack-could it help with scalp issues?

I've posted earlier, but I am a former board member from like 2001--2003. Since then my hair has changed, and so has my scalp. I am now about a 2a/b, hair isn't very dry--feels silky, doesn't hold wave very well and gets stringy. But my biggest issue is my scalp--it is super itchy, oily and when I touch it I feel these little grains--like sand (sebum plugs, I assume?). It is really gross--sorry if tmi.
Anyway, I am wondering if the CG routine with Jessicurl's shampoo once in a while could cure the scalp. It is very scary to give up silicones, though, because I have so much frizz. I already own Recoil and HE SMU gel--what are some other CG approved styling products?

thanks so much, ladies!!!