Would you share your routine and product info with me?

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I'm new and overwhelmed by the amount of info, routines, products etc. I'm not sure where to even start. I think that my hair is 3a/3b and I want to start using some new products.
Also, how to use the products. Do you use more than one at a time? Combine products? I was checking out the curly concoctions it all went over my head
Thanks much for your help:)
Type: 3a/3b, fine-medium
Cleanse: hg:whispering windz farm jar soaps,
Moisture/Co rinse: GVP conditioning balm
DT: Jessicurl's dt
Leave in: KCKT
Definition: kccc
Hold: rotating: gvp liquid scuplting gel
ACV rinse bi-weekly
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