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I have curly tight spirals throughout my hair. The hair at the nape of my neck is very fine and loose curls, and the sides are the same, then as I go up to the crown it gets tighter. I like the variation because it gives me height. However, directly on the top of my head, I have a frizzing/straight mess. It won't curl by coaxing it with my fingers there is not even a slight wave. So I can twist all of my hair around my fingers for spirals, but I have to set the top of my hair on spiral rods(it's a pain) and the curls don't last and don't look like the rest of my hair. What should I do? Does anybody have hair like this? What do you use?


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    I don't have a solution for you - but I feel your pain. I have the same problem. My hair in the front does the same thing (in the bang area). I've been two strand twisting that part and blending it with the rest. It doesn't look the same but it's better than nothing.
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    I'm right there with you. I know for a fact that the front of my hair had more texture the last time I was natural (which was when I was 12!!). The front was very curly and now it's just frizzy/straight/slightly wavy. I've found that I've been able to get the texture to blend a little bit with Tigi Control Freak Serum. It works like magic to give me more definition for that part of my hair...but it will never curl like the rest of my hair.
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    I definitely need to thoroughly distribute the product through my bang area and the mid sides. And my crown and bangs were always frizzy untill I started raking in product upside down there
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    Unfortunately, you aren't the only one that has this issue. I have that patch in the crown of my head. It sucks, but that is part of having textured hair. I don't think any of us has a uniform crop of hair. It would be nice, but doesn't usually happen.

    My area will usually just wave a little bit. It is totally straight when wet and that sucks. I just apply extra product to that area and makes sure that it is totally coated, every single strand.

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    Same here. I have a bunch of hair in the front that frizzes. If I put gel in it I guess it'll have a wave to it, but most of the time it taunts me and just frizzes up LOL

    Looking at my baby pictures that batch of hair has always done that. I hope that your problem isn't heat damage. Did you press your hair by any chance?
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