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I wanted my sister, who is transitioning, to try Aphogee because she said her hair is shedding. So I left it in her hair for like 10 minutes, way too long I guess, and then I rinsed it out and made sure to moisturize the ish out of it.

OK so when I was detangling her ends everything was fine... then all of a sudden I found 4 chucks of hair in diferent sections of her head that were so tangled up that it looked like i made a knot. I panicked, but I didn't want to scare her. I had to condition and then VERY SLOWLY and CAREFULLY take the knots out. Her natural hair was fine (about 2-3 inches) but her relaxed hair didn't take too well to the aphogee. My biggest fear was that I would have to cut the knots with a scissor, but I didn't want to leave a bald spot on her. I got it out and put the rollers in her hair...but OMG I wanted to die.

I told her I'm not recommending aphogee to her until her hair is 100% natural.

Has this ever happened to you? I've been using Aphogee since May and I've NEVER had a problem. :tongue5:
- Maria

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    No, this has never happened to me or any of the (relaxed/transitioning/natural) people whose hair I've applied Aphogee to. (Most people sit under the dryer for 15-20 min., not 10 min. so that's not the problem.)

    It sounds like you didn't apply it correctly. What deep conditioner did you use after you shampooed the Aphogee out?

    Without serious protein treatments, your sister will have a lot of breakage if she transitons for a long period of time.
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    I've actually heard of this happening (worse, actually..someone's hair actually fell out) with Aphogee treatments. Aparently, following their directions to the T is very important.
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    I did a google search and somebody from the longhaircareforum had a similar problem:

    My sister's hair matted up at the ends really badly. I had never seen anything like that in my life. It looked like she had gum in her hair (minus the gum), yes that bad. Her hair is very thin and breaks easily, I should've thought twice before putting that in her hair. She called me this morning to tell me that she removed the rollers and her hair came out really soft. I told her to stay away from Aphogee until she's 100% natural.
    - Maria

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    I had a HORRIBLE experience when I used Aphogee. But I had a very hard time finding girls who had the same experience. Everyone acted like I was crazy. I, too, followed the directions to a t. But it was not good for my hair. In fact I was so scared that my hair had broken off. I was good but I stay away from that stuff. Sorry that your sister had a bad experience too.
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    Good thing you were able to get the knots out!
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    Yeah I know. I went there with good intentions and almost damaged her hair big time. I thought I was going to cry. Her hair is very fragile from years of relaxing (she's now transitioning) so I should've known better.
    - Maria

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    Mariage, you keep saying her hair is so damaged and you should've known better, but Maria that's who Aphogee is made for- people with severely damaged hair and it benefits people with super fine hair. You did nothing wrong in this situation. She was a good candidate for Aphogee, but maybe you should try using a lesser treatment on her in the future, like Nexxus Emergencee.

    Or like someone else said, maybe you didn't follow the directions properly. The time of it really doesn't matter, the key is waiting for it to get dry and harden then washing it out. That's what's important.

    I'm glad your sister's hair is okay though. I know you were freaking out.
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    I agree with HeatherNicole, Aphogee is made for people with damanged hair. I used Aphogee product when I had a perm and my hair was fine, but I never experienced anything like that. I recently went back to thier product two weeks ago and I am loving it. I have been natural for over two years and for the past year, my hair shed continuously. It was really bad. I read that protein would help, so I got Aphogee and problem solved.

    I am glad to hear that your situation turned out ok
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    A lot of my friends with long hair also had this problem, and stopped uding it because it was too difficult.

    But, I use the protective cleanse/condition method, with hair in 12-to-15 two-strand-twists, and then apply the Aphogee treatment to the plaited hair and sit under the dryer and rinse very carefully just like normal (except this way the hair won't tangle up because it's in twists) and to prevent crunchiness, apply a warm olive oil treatment after for 15 minutes or more and then do a final rinse and apply leave-in to each section while detangling (use water spritz if section becomes to dry).

    And it seems to have resolved the issue of use for highly textured natural hair that may need to periodically use the treatment, so it may help if she decides to risk trying it again.
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    HeatherNicole you're right. I didn't think of it that way. I won't put Aphogee in her hair again, that's for sure. I will make sure to follow the directions better next time. I'm not sure where I went wrong but my guess is when I was taking it out of her hair.
    - Maria

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    I have been using Aphogee for years. I only use it like every 3-6 months though. You really do have to follow the instructions to a "T". Like the ladies mentioned before the treatment is for extremely damaged hair. I actually leave mine on for an hour...a half hour at least under a bonnet dryer, so that it gets rock hard. I wonder if you rinsed good enough. You have to rinse, rinse, rinse and rinse some more....I rinse for at least 5-10 minutes. When you are exhausted from rinsing thats probably when you have finally rinsed enough to make sure its all out. It can be extremely damaging to the hair if you do not rinse properly. The first time I used it I thought it was something of the devil but I realized I did a shabby rinse job. After you have thoroughly rinsed apply a strictly moisturizing conditioner ...i use theirs with a bit of oil mixed in or recently I used Avalon Organics Honeysuckle Rose with a bit of oil and let that sit for another 10 minutes or so under the bonnet dryer with a plastic cap on. Then I go back to exhausting rinse again. After that I style as I want. This process is not quick, you really have to have time to devote to it. Rushing through it will leave you with hard, fragile hair. Hope that helps.
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    i am shedding more than i like....definitely doing an aphogee and moisturizing conditioner this week...maybe sunday when i have the time. this thread has been very helpful. i had locs before and obviously didn't think i needed it then but now with loose hair i think it'll help.
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