Dentists for Toddlers??

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Liam is finally starting to cut teeth... he's got 2 coming in at the bottom and I can start to feel some others coming in... :laughing7::laughing7::laughing7:

My question.... All my how-to books say that they should go to the dentist around 12 months..

I found a peds dentist for Liam and actually talked to him just now on the phone he said I can wait until he's 2 or at least 12 teeth?

When did you all go??`
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    I always waited til they were around 3-4 years old. Honestly, my toddlers would NOT tolerate a dentist poking around in their mouths, and I felt as long as I was teaching them dental hygiene, they were fine to wait til a little older than the books say.
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    they should be going by the time they cut their first teeth.. but most dentists (including ped dentists) won't take them until 3 years of age..

    it's just good for them to go and have their mouths looked at, etc.. be sure you're brushing whatever teeth he has and let him try to brush too, so he can get used to the toothbrush :)

    it's common to not go until 3 years of age..
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    Ah, it all makes sense now. Goldy is the puppet master! :lol:
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    My ped said that he should go around a year but since we only had two teeth then, he said we would just wait. We finally got teeth during the summer so he said to go around two. I asked the dentist last week when I was there and she said wait until around three or four. I don't think they have any set rules.

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    I asked my dentist and they don't take toddlers until they are three. My dentist recommended bringing my son with me to my next appointment before I schedule one for him. That way he can familiarize himself with the visit and let him play with some of the tools.
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    our kids didn't get their first dental cleaning until they were toddlers.
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    Whew...I'm glad to hear it's 3 years. I didn't add Chas to our dental program this year. I figured he was too young for a cleaning...and if he won't let me near his mouth...there is no way he will let a stranger.

    I guess if we have a tooth emergency...we will be paying out of pocket.
  • deezee02deezee02 Posts: 1,509Registered Users
    Our pedi looks at Stevens teeth. We are very big 3 time a day brushers, so he will probably go around 3 after all his teeth have cut in.

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    The dentist I worked for recommended bringing them as soon as they start getting teeth. He didn't actually do anything other than look, but it got them accustomed to going to the dentist so that when there was an actual need, they wouldn't be scared of him.
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    My child cries until she vomits when they try to weigh her at the doctor's office. Anyone want to go with us to that first dentist appt?
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    CGNYC wrote: »
    My child cries until she vomits when they try to weigh her at the doctor's office. Anyone want to go with us to that first dentist appt? thanks.

    My kids were like that too. They figured out pretty darn quick that after the scale comes the dreaded ear-probe-of-death and then...the shots...
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    CGNYC wrote: »
    My child cries until she vomits when they try to weigh her at the doctor's office. Anyone want to go with us to that first dentist appt?

    Go to your natural foods store and get some wonders. Give it to her about an hour before, and every 15 min til you go, then afterwards, but you have to wait 1/2 hr after toothpaste.

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