Baby had a tremor???

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Yesterday I was holding El and I had just finished feeding her. Her eyes were closed and I felt her whole body shake just a little, but I thought it was my imagination, or maybe she had gotten a chill.
Then her little arm had - I don't know - a tremor of some kind. And I realized the shaking wasn't my imagination. I was so frightened I woke her up to make sure she was ok and then held her while she slept to make sure it didn't happen again. It didn't. Should I be worried?
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    If she's otherwise acting normally while awake, I wouldn't worry. Babies (and kids and adults) often shake/tremor while sleeping, especially if you're trying to wake them up. I've seen my kids (and spouse) do that many many times. I can feel myself doing that sometimes too when I've been awakened during a particularly deep part of sleep.

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