BC??Not yet.........but i've got a question

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Hi.I'm not planing to bc now..I have a long way in 3 days i'll be 4 months.I have a problem ..my hair at the back of my head is very soft (that made me think that my hair wasn't growing there)While the top of my head has 4a kinks (probably...I'm not sure yet)Last time my sister made my hair for me i told her to check whether i had growth or not at the back and she said that i had but my hair texture there is somehow straight-wavy and it's difficult to distinguish the difference between the two texture (the relaxed vs natural).So i was thinking that how is the hairdresser going to see the difference at the bc day.There is no natural salon where i live so I'll probably have to go to the one i used to go when my hair was relaxed (it's one of the best salon people say)but i'm afraid that the hairdresser may cut off all my hair at the back because she may think i don't have growth there.What should i do (i can't do it alone i don't want to end up with uneven hair)Thanks for reading all this :)
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    First let me say...relax. You aren't planning to bc now so continue to take good care of your hair. Secondly, trust me, when your hair is wet you can DEFINITELY see a difference in relaxed hair and natural hair. So the hairdresser won't have any problem. I'm of the opinion that you should be going to someone who specializes in natural hair. HTH
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    I've regrettably relaxed a few months ago and regret every moment of it. I'm going to cut it all off before the New Year and start all over again. :blob7:

    Measure your new growth in front. How much new growth you have make sure the stylist cuts no more than that many inches in the back or sides. That way you still have something to work with.
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    If you're that afraid then maybe you should ask your sister to cut it for you. I actually cut it myself LOL I highly do NOT recommend that :laughing7:
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