crystalsmiliescrystalsmilies Posts: 2Registered Users
ok i always hear that curly hair is best all 1color well
i love my curls but i wanna streak my hair some odd color for fun and stuff should i or shuold i just keep my hair all 1 color what do u think


  • JuicyTubeJuicyTube Posts: 2,369Registered Users
    Actually, some streaks can bring out the sight of curls even more. Just don't do something like vivid bright yellow. From what I can see in the pic, your hair is pretty the way it is.
    3b-3c CG
  • JLRcurlyJLRcurly Posts: 245Registered Users
    I just put some copper into my black curls. Just something fun to warm up my look for the winter. I get bored easily.
    JEN :hello2:3b, currently bored with my hair.

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