news story: more black women going natural

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ya think...:toothy7:



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    thanks for posting! i'm glad to see more black women going this direction. i remember how i used to think, black women are the only ethnic group that alter the texture of their hair is such large numbers. every other ethnic group mostly deals with and accepts their hair as it is (not talking about color)....but we feel we have to be straight. i'm glad that's shifting...i had a huge fro the other night when i went out and i got so much positive feedback, including from younger guys (in their 20's) i'm so happy views are changing!!
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    yay! this is great! I am a huge advocate for natural hair of all kinds and trying to get women to love their hair no matter what its texture. naturally curly/kinky hair is such a statement because it's so subtly and not-so-subtly associated with being a woman of color. let us continue to unite and conquer under the banner of our gorgeous, natural hair!
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