I need more volume!

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So I really love huge, bouncy curls. Usually this isn't a problem except at the roots--which is still a problem I am trying to solve, so if you have any advice I would LOVE it-- but lately my curls seem to just be a little limp and shapeless.

I use a leave in, then a mousse, and finish with a gel while my hair is still wet from the shower (though I squeeze it so it isn't dripping and then scrunch the products in). After that I plop--or attempt to, as it hasn't been working very well lately--while I dress and do my makeup, and then I diffuse it until almost dry and finish with some hairspray so that when it dries I can scrunch some crunch out and get nice, defined curls.

I am going to get a haircut after Christmas to make sure my hair is falling correctly, but any advice aside from that?

Oh, and Happy Holidays! Thanks!
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    I've been trying the Curlisto method (you see ads for it at left), EXCEPT when using the duckbill clips, I put them in at a 90-degree angle to the direction of my hair growth, instead of the way they show you how to do it. Helps hold the roots up while you dry, and it seems to work for me.

    Hope that helps.
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    A leave-in, mousse and a gel might be too much and could be weighing your hair down. I know I get a lot more volume if I go lighter on the products.
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